Consulting Architects of Alberta

Annual General Meeting 2018

  • One of our most important initiatives…Pitching Green
  • It’s CAA’s commitment to the environment…to “green architecture” in Alberta

Design Impacts the Environment!

  • Building operations consume a third of all the energy we produce
    • In Edmonton 39% of greenhouse gas emissions come from building operations, with similar rates in Calgary

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Pitching Green – Leading Change

  • Opportunity! We’re positioned to lead change
  • CAA is “Pitching Green”

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Green Values

  • Values” questions on survey, e.g. …
    • organizational core values?
    • membership in Canada Green Building Council?
    • certified green projects?
    • training?
  • Responses from architects strongly positive!

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Green Practices

How often does your team provide clients with estimated energy consumption and operating costs as part of your services?

  • We also had several questions about actual green building practices – as opposed to values. They gave us a different picture.

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Factors and Obstacles

  • Factors – very or extremely important
    • Engaged and motivated clients – 86%
    • Strong policies and legislation – 64%

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An Emerging Picture

  • Values, Practices, Factors, Comments…all paint a picture
  • Most Alberta architects are trained in green building practices, value green building practices
  • But…cost and clients present challenges

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Next Steps…The Challenge

  • More Pitching Green 
    • continued research
    • improve website
    • build best practices database
    • communicate with members…educate clients
    • lobby with government
  • Influence and knowledge can lead change

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We’re in a position to make a difference.

    • We understand the value of green architecture….
    • We have the knowledge and professional credibility….
    • We have an opportunity and a responsibility to lead the change!

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