You probably know architects design new buildings, but did you know they stay involved in each project from start to finish? Highly trained professionals, Alberta architects have the education and experience needed to manage every aspect of construction—planning, design, and implementation.

Those who choose architecture as a career are possibility thinkers and detail-oriented creators—all at once. They consider every aspect of a project’s entire scope and understand how to put these components together. The result is outstanding spaces where people can achieve their goals.

Consulting architects bring tremendous value to your projects. The earlier you bring them into a project, the more perspective and choice of solutions they can offer you. Involving a consulting architect at the idea stage can impact your project’s design without increasing ultimate cost. Once your requirements are firmly established, opportunities for innovation become more limited.


The Consulting Architects of Alberta have been working closely with the Consulting Engineers of Alberta to develop a Scope of Services document related to architectural and engineering services. Updated annually, this document explores basic services, built on the Canadian Handbook of Practice. It also includes information on determining fees, with definitions and additional resources to assist clients in decision-making processes.

The process

Client consultation

Each project begins with client consultation. Architects consider client needs and budget, as well as building codes, bylaws, material availability, and landscape. They plan how spaces will be used both inside and outside buildings. Architects examine community concerns and environmental impact, as well as determine costs and respect client budgets.

Project leadership and management

Serving as prime consultants, consulting architects provide overall project leadership and management. They engage sub-consultants such as engineers, interior designers and planners and help the client engage others such as geotechnical and survey consultants. Together they present design proposals to stakeholders, secure regulatory approvals, and protect client investment. Depending on client needs, they may be involved with site selection.

Bringing ideas to reality

It is exciting to see ideas transformed into design, construction and occupancy. Architects are professional advisors that lead clients through the many steps in this process. . . consulting architects are experts at bringing ideas to reality!