Creating a residential, commercial or industrial building is not an easy task to manage on your own. The first step to the success of your project is hiring an architect to help you develop your vision, manage planning details, take overall responsibility for your design, and help you find the best approach to hiring a construction contractor.


Building is a complicated undertaking. Design and construction demand a multitude of knowledge—from understanding legal implications to knowing where to access construction products and skills. Alberta’s architects have the talent and experience you need.

When you select an architect, you form a special alliance where both parties have a powerful vested interest in the outcome. The relationship you form involves mutually understood expectations and shared responsibilities. It depends upon clear, two-way communication. Search here for members of the Consulting Architects of Alberta.

As client, you know what you are looking for. Your architect is the specialist who knows how to help you achieve your goals — develop your ideas to create the space you need and find the right look for your building while respecting your timetable and your budget.


The result? A building that suits your requirements, works the way you want it to work and transforms your dreams into reality!

(Content adapted with permission from the American Institute of Architects)