Board of Directors

The following members are currently serving on our board:

  • Chair – Allan Partridge – Next Architecture
  • Past Chair – Linus Murphy –  S2 Architecture
  • Treasurer  – Liam Woofter – Kasian
  • Director – Hemna Marwah – Stantec Architecture
  • Director – Eddo Cancian – ACI Architects

There are also four liaison positions on the board:

  • AAA Liaison – Ben Klumper
  • RAIC Liaison – John Brown
  • CEA Liaison – Derek Ciezki
  • IDA Liaison – Kathy Johnston Umbach

The board will hold its next meeting November 30th, 2018.

Executive Director

Jayne Jeneroux

Phone: 780-488-8878

E-mail:  Send a message!


At the September 21, 2017 Annual General Meeting our membership voted to accept a series of amendments to our bylaws.

To download a PDF overview of these recent changes click here.

To view the bylaws as approved on September 21, 2017 Click Here.

The Consulting Architects of Alberta, A Society was incorporated on August 19, 2009 under the Alberta Societies Act.


CAA Mission Statement

The CAA advocates for the way that projects are procured, contracted, delivered and valued.


We will represent, advocate for and support practicing architects to build a positive business environment for the architectural firms in Alberta.

In the pursuit of our mission, we will provide leadership and support to architectural firms and build a common forum for them to work together.  We will work cooperatively with:

  • The Alberta Association of Architects, our provincial regulatory body;
  • The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, our national partners, and
  • The Consulting Engineers of Alberta, our industry partners in practice.


Architects are professional advisers who provide planning, programming, design, co-ordination and integration, project management and other related services.  We aspire to excellence, value and creativity in service of our clients and our communities. We put our expert knowledge at the disposal of our clients and serve their interests as if they were our own.

To succeed, architects must work in a healthy business environment. As our business voice, the Consulting Architects of Alberta will help to build a strong profession and opportunities for Alberta firms.  We will provide a business voice of leadership and advocacy and a forum for communication of common cause between architectural firms and with our industry partners.

The Consulting Architects of Alberta is a non-profit society registered in 2009 under the Alberta Societies Act.  It has a unique mandate and will work cooperatively together with each related industry organization.

The principles of participation and of the relationship between CAA member firms is spelled out in the Charter of the Consulting Architects of Alberta. All architects are welcome to comment on and view these principles upon request.

Vision Statement

To serve as the business voice for consulting architectural firms in Alberta by  contributing to the development of a positive business environment benefitting our clients and our profession.