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FYI — Employment Standards

New standards regarding overtime came into effect January 1, 2018 .

For more information on improved employment standards, click here.

Construction and Maintenance Industry Stakeholders:

BuildForce Canada is pleased to make the 2014 – 2023 Construction and Maintenance Looking Forward Provincial and National Highlight reports and forecast data available here.

You mayl find this information helpful.

Economic Metrics

In February 2014, the Deputy Premier, Dave Hancock and Todd Hirsch, Chief Economist with ATB Financial, launched the Alberta Economic Dashboard at Startup Edmonton.

This forward-thinking project is the first of its kind in Canada and one of only a few in North America to offer comprehensive provincial economic information online.

The Dashboard provides 26 economic metrics specific to the Alberta economy and will be updated on a near-daily basis.



Productivity Alberta 2013 Annual Report

Another year is coming to a close, and Productivity Alberta had made its Annual Report available for 2013. See what they were working on this past year, as well as their future directions.

Read the 2013 Annual Report

BuildForce Canada’s Construction Map App 
Check out BuildForce Canada’s Construction Map App for major resource construction projects mapped across Canada.
Across Canada there are a large number of major projects. The Centres of Resource Construction mapping system focuses on a select group of projects in mining, oil and gas, electrical generation and transmission, pipelines and transit.  These projects individually and/or collectively have a significant impact on construction labour demand within a region.  The map includes only those projects that are in the public domain.
Trade Commissioner Service’s June 2013 Environmental Industries Newsletter

Click here for the newsletter and to find information on potential business opportunities, upcoming trade missions, and events.
If you have any questions about anything in this newsletter, please contact the trade commissioner responsible for the Environmental Industries sector, Roxanne Savage. 

Trade Commissioner Service’s April 2013 Environmental Industries Newsletter

Covering the Prairie and Northern Region, this newsletter will provide information on potential business opportunities, upcoming trade missions, and events.

If you have any questions about anything in this newsletter, please contact the trade commissioner responsible for the Environmental Industries sector, Ms. Margaret Lange.

Prairie and Northern Region Oil & Gas Newsletter

Click here to download the Trade Commissioner Service’s March 2013 Oil & Gas Newsletter for the Prairie and Northern Region. Inside, you will find information on potential business opportunities and events.

If you have any questions about anything found in this newsletter, please do not hesitate to contact one of the following trade commissioners responsible for the oil & gas sector, Carine Graziano or Ryan Collins.

Click here for the report.

To view and download the AB Transportation presentation click here.


Panel Discussion: Business Risks of Inaction

Motivation – Piers Steel – Haskayne School of Business (Please call for a copy of presentation. Available to CAA members only)

Inertia & Entrepreneurship – John Brown –  Faculty of Environmental Design

Impacts in the Field – Scott Matheson – PCL Construction

Moderated by Craig Webber – Group2 Architecture Engineering

New Informative Alberta Oilsands Online Site

Canada’s oilsands is the third largest deposit of oil on earth, with reserves of approximately 170 billion barrels and potential resources of up to 1.8 trillion barrels. Of Canada’s three major oilsands deposits—Athabasca, Cold Lake, and Peace River—the Athabasca region is the richest, containing over 80 percent of the original oil in place. This is the heart of the oilsands.


Alberta 2012 Construction Looking Forward LMI Powerpoint Presentations Now Available

The Construction Sector Council has now released its provincial Construction Looking Forward 2012–2020 PowerPoint presentations. These replace the provincial Construction Looking Forward reports produced previously. The PowerPoints include note pages to provide further detail and we encourage you to use the slides to support your planning and decision-making activities.

All of the 2012 forecast materials are now available for download here.

The LCI Update For Lean Construction Institute Members

Great News!  LCI will now allow public access to all current material on their website.

In the spirit of sharing their knowledge, the LCI has asked those that participate in local communities of practice to do just that. And that shared learning is what makes those communities so valuable. The movers and shakers at LCI have instructed their webmaster to make all current material on the site available to the public.

They still have restrictions on new material: newly developed material will be “members only” for 90 days before released in the public domain.

To access this resource, click here.


 CII Guide to Reimbursable Contracting 

Beyond providing definitions, examples, case studies, and key considerations for deciding whether a reimbursable contract is a company’s best option for any particular EPC project, the guide also challenges several longstanding myths about reimbursable contracts.

To learn more, access the invitation here.

Chief among the mistaken beliefs is the notion that lump sum contracting is always better for owner organizations; the team found that the reimbursable strategy is better for owners with projects that have any, some, or all of the following characteristics:

Alberta Oil Sands Industry Quarterly Update

Spring 2012 – Reporting on the period December 3rd, 2011 to March 9, 2012. Canada’s oil sands resources are often referred to as “the oil that technology made.”Click here for the latest update.

Alberta Natural Gas Industry Quarterly Update

Spring 2012 – The report provides the latest information on the projects and related activities occurring in the natural gas, including government and industry updates and important facts and figures. Click here for the latest edition.

Construction Forecasts

The Construction Forecasts website is an online delivery system that provides construction organizations with timely forecast data on residential and non-residential construction investment activity and labour supply and demand at the national, provincial and regional levels.

To find out more, follow this link.

Alberta Purchasing Connection Newsletter – A Valuable Tool

Check the APC vendor newsletter for tips, tools, links such as the “Selling to the Government and Private Sector” seminar or how an APC Premium Membership will bring the opportunities to you. Click here to take advantage of this resource.

Alberta Environment Oil Sands Portal

Alberta Environment released its public oil sands information portal. Click here to see the news release and link to the portal.

Construction Industry Institute

The latest contribution to CII research on innovative project delivery, Research Summary 271, Starting from Scratch: A New Project Delivery Paradigm, is now available for download or purchase. A product of Research Team (RT) 271, this publication argues that, because many projects today are increasingly complex, less predictable, and thus, more difficult to deliver on time, the industry should make a shift in its fundamental assumptions about project delivery. To order your copy, click here.

ASAP III Industry Consultation Session

Click here to download a PDF of the presentation made by Alberta Infrastructure on September 26, 2011.

The RFQ document will be issued on October 14, 2011 and available on the APC website. 

All consortia will have to register with the department contact provided in the RFQ document to access the design development reports and any other relevant design information.

Eight steps to a more productive Canada

“Canadian business leaders are, on average, a full 13 % less tolerant of risk than their American counterparts”, this is one of the many compelling findings of a new report from Deloitte entitled The future of productivity – An eight-step game plan for Canada. Deloitte surveyed more than 900 North American business leaders and conducted a deep examination of more than 25 drivers of productivity. The report identifies six productivity challenges confronting business:

  1. chronic under-investment in machinery and equipment
  2. sheltering of the Canadian economy
  3. increasing competition for human capital
  4. inefficient and insufficient support for innovation
  5. lack of risk capital for start-up companies
  6. risk aversion
Eight steps are recommended for enhancing Canadian business productivity: educate, populate, innovate, incubate, co-locate, update, accommodate, and facilitate. Access the study and learn more about these eight steps.

RBC Market and Economic Updates

Reports, links and updates giving you information on developments and trends in Canada’s economy and financial markets. 

Click  here for RBC Market & Economic Updates

Alberta Economic Spotlight


This is produced by Economics and Public Finance, Alberta Finance and Enterprise.

Alberta Economic Spotlight – July 2011

Alberta Inventory of Major Projects

The Inventory of Major Projects list is produced by Alberta Finance and Enterprise to assist firms in identifying potential supply opportunities. It lists projects in Alberta valued at $5 million or greater that are planned, underway, or have recently been completed. Project data is obtained from public information sources. Where possible, this data has been verified with the project proponent/developer. However, users of the Inventory may wish to confirm project data with the proponent/developer.

Click here for the current list of projects

Alberta Oil Sands Industry Quarterly Update

Find out the latest information on the projects and related activities occurring in the oil sands, including government and industry updates and detailed project listings.

Click here for the most recent report



In America’s National Interest – Canadian Oil

Attempting to restrict American imports of Canadian oil is a mistake that ignores both the reality of US dependence on imported oil, as well as the only major alternative sources of such oil—repressive governments that restrict civil, political, and economic freedoms. The study written by Mark Mike can be found here:     In America’s National Interest-Canadian Oil