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The Consulting Architects of Alberta represents firms of all sizes and shapes. Whether you are a sole practitioner focusing on residential work, a medium-sized firm working on government contracts, or a large one with commercial and industrial work – or any variation on these – membership in the Consulting Architects of Alberta offers value.


Membership Policy

Following are excerpts from the CAA’s membership policy related to renewals, changes and payments.

A PDF copy of the entire Membership Policy may be downloaded here.

New Members

  • A first time member will be guided through the process by the Executive Director to a mutually satisfactory conclusion.
  • A current member who brings a new member to CAA may be recognized appropriately by the Executive Director. (For example – from time-to-time member referral campaigns may be conducted with benefits accruing to the referring firms).

Renewing Members

  • Membership expires annually at the end of each fiscal year (July 31st).
  • Members will receive an automatic reminder of the upcoming renewal date (August 1st) by email 30 days prior to this date.
  • Renewal invoices will be generated as early as possible at the beginning of each August (if not before), and mailed out by Canada Post to the primary contact of each member firm along with a cover letter under the Board Chair’s signature.
  • Each year, approximately 2 to 3 months prior to annual renewal time, the CAA will conduct a member satisfaction survey of the member firms.


Change of Member status

  • Members who change their status, or renew their membership after being removed from the database, may reinstate their membership status as a new member.
  • A member may withdraw from membership by doing so in writing to the Board through its Chair.
  • Any member may be expelled from the membership for any cause thought to be reasonable by the Board on a majority vote of the Board.



  • Payment of annual membership renewal invoices is due within 30 days of the invoice date.
  • Payment may be made by cheque. Credit card payments may be accepted through a payment portal on the CAA website. The CAA will not process credit card payments by telephone.
  • Upon request, members may pay through a quarterly payment plan for a 10% surcharge.  All quarterly payment plans are to be approved by the Executive Director. Members on the quarterly payment plan must submit four post-dated cheques.
  • Notification of changes to membership dues will be published at least 6 months in advance of the change being in place.


Delinquent payment

  • Members who have any outstanding amounts owing to CAA, for whatever reason, will not be eligible to renew their membership until all outstanding amounts are paid in full.
  • If payment is not received by the CAA within 30 days of the membership invoice date, the following actions may be taken:
    • A FIRST REMINDER e-mail sent to the primary contact at the member firm indicating that their payment is past due.
    • At 45 days from the membership invoice date, a FINAL NOTICE sent to the primary contact. At the same time, a follow up telephone call may be made to encourage payment.
  • If no payment is received by 60 days past the date of the renewal invoice, the Executive Director may at his/her discretion remove the name of the member firm from the list of members on the website.
  • Any member in arrears for membership dues is automatically suspended at the expiration of four months from the end of the membership year. Upon membership expiration, the member has no access to membership benefits, services or responsibilities in the CAA.
  • A late renewal fee (after the 60 day mark) of 10% may be levied at the discretion of the Executive Director.


Approved by the Board of the Consulting Architects of Alberta on July 31, 2012.